History of cruiser bikes

Now a day’s cruiser bike is extremely popular in the world it have some features that always attract the people. Cursers were immensely popular in the time 1930 to 1940. Its combination of single speed mechanical, substantial weight and wide tires brings its fame.

Some challenging firms like Columbia, Shelby, Monark, Huffy and Roadmaster used fashionable and specific models to draw buyers- providing a Donald Duck bike that have quaking horn, cowboy models which were named after Hopalong Cassidy or Gene Autry. The Huffy Radio bike also featured a vast basic AM radio.

Decline of the cruiser
In the time of late 1950s and begin 1960s, Great Britain start to export bicycle, and then the continental Europe begin to become popular. The main which was the key for their popularity was many sports roadster models or the ‘English racer’ that was remarkably light. These models featured taller wheels, narrow tires, light weight, splendid hill riding ability with three speed gearing. From the late of 1950s, U.S. manufacturers like Schwann start to bring their own model of English racer.

The cruiser brought to market share to low-rider and muscle bikes featuring oversized shift levers, banana seats and ape-hanger bars that were enraged by the West coast motorcycle customize which gradually turn to give the birth of modern BMX bike. BMX came that time when the cruiser is gone into a sudden break of sales decline.

In 1972, a wave of trivial derailleur-equipped bicycle brought a wave in the interest of new buyers in roaming bicycling. Soon, the adult market was dominated by the sport bike of Derailleur-equipped or ten speeds encouraged by the European racing bicycles.

After the largely updated in late of 1960s, it gained fame for its utility and the best recreational use at beach area and then they called “Beach cruiser”. The name “beach cruiser” first stated in 1972 at Newport Beach while Larry McNeely coined axiom and use that as their Trade Mark for the modern beach bikes production.

As inspiration for the mountain bike

From the late of 1970s and the start of 1980s, cruiser featured the new-developed modern mountain bike. Its style, comfort and affordability have helped to re-new popularity in the recent years.

In the mid, of seventies, a unit of enthusiasts in parts of California’s Marin county first brought the racing bikes down in the fire road of Mount Tamaulipas. As a mountain side, the road was not plain, but it also helped them to attain maximum speed by slammed and bounced over mud and rock, and rider to repack their coaster break after each run. Such unkind riding always caused crushed to road bikes.

Cruiser bikes today

Cruisers style, affordability and comfort help to get the maxim fame in the recent years. One kind of new reproduction of cruiser bikes waves the market in 1990s. Kickstand magazine, involved revealing the lifestyle of the cruiser bike, brings a wave in 2009 at the cruiser market. In 1995, Schwann stared the rebirth in the 100th birthday of Black Phantom.

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