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Beach Bikes

Beach bikes also a new wonder in the sea beach area. It adds a new dimension for enjoying the sea beach. People who are interested to enjoy the beach with riding bike then it will be great equipment for them. Some physicians advise to on the sea beach but who cannot walk then he can ride this and can keep her body healthy. He can move around the beach by a beach bike. It will help you to roaming in the sea beach with style and comfort.

Beach Bike refers as Cruiser Bicycle, Beach Cruiser, Beach Cruiser Bikes or Cruiser Bikes, which are the best entertainment equipment for the casual and recreational bike riders. It is a name of a bicycle category like Hybrid, Road, Mountain and BMX; all are the type of bicycle. Since its name we cannot think that it is used only in the sea beach area because it is used in the other places. As a mountain bike rider, he just not ride that in the mountain he also in the road or highway.

Beach bikes are always designed geometrically which will help the riders to ride that by setting in the comfort and upright position. It is not only for beach purposes it can be used in the town, around campuses, and in the neighborhood. There also have a disgrace of Beach Bikes, as single geared bikes it is not perfect for long riding. The fact is that it started as single geared cycle that had a coaster break that referred to paddle backwards to stop. Still this type of cycle has engaged and now there is many kind of beach bikes come in the market with 21-speeds, 7- speeds, 5-speed and 3-speeds which has a coaster break or handbrake. Beach Bikes are really great idle equipment for everyday frivolous riding by cycle.

You may already have a mountain bike or road bike but after that, you will look for the simplicity of the Beach Bikes. You will find its simplicity that is great recreational equipment for the casual riders because they always think about the relaxation and comfort that have in the Beach Bikes.

There are different riding positions of different bike category. The mentioned information will show how every bike types impact the back position while riding.

In a mountain bike, a rider always keeps their back on a diagonal position. It helps to put their body strain including upper back, shoulders and arms. It also pits hurt on lower back as the rider is repeatedly leaning forward.

In a road bike, the back rounded of a rider always hunched forwards. It puts much damage on total upper body with arms, neck and back. Rider must head up to see ahead.

A rider always seat in the upright position to remove the presser of the whole body. The rider extends their arms in a comfortable position avoid tension of arms muscles. The vertical position of back takes the damage off the down back.


Beach Cruiser

A long beach gateway can give you much pleasure. Some people like to walk in the bank of the beach but some people cannot walk. So beach cruiser bicycle would be the best one for them. It has some extra quality which will give much comfort and pleasure.

The common cycle in the beach is the beach cruiser for its wide tires, comfortable seats, soft handlebars that help to make the riding comfortable. From last years the fame the beach cruiser has been growing up indomitably. Some people decorate this by set up some baskets, lights and bells.

As the most enjoyable thins in the beach, some people want to buy it for pleasure but they do not know what will the best for them. Below we try to give our buyers some clue that will help them to choose the right one.

First, you must think that is the bike for a man or a woman. You may think that is basic but many companies have improved a legal look that will help you to choose is it for man or woman. Its qualities are best because these types of cycle for woman are more flexible than mans. There is many colors variation in the beach cruiser bicycle like Dark Blue, Chrome, Black, Orange and red. However, having a heavy wet in the cross bar it will be the comfortable association for the many individuals and for the many mature customers for first getting on by keeping a leg over this.

Second, you should think the point that is the beach cruiser is perfect to ride in the down or up of the surfaces or the level surfaces. Many shop owners can see you a beach cruiser of Malty speed and can provoke you to buy it which is totally absurd. It is very difficult to maintain and assemble a malty speed beach cruiser. It will slowly than beach cruiser life cycle. So, if you ride in the flat surface in the most of the time then it will better for you to buy a beach cruiser of single speed.

Third, you should think that, is a fender necessary for you? Personally I will recommend that you should look for fenders.  My recommendation, if you buy a beach cruiser bicycle that have a fenders then it must has a kick stand, that you should allows use that. Most of the fenders are built with light materials, so you should save that from dropping. It is necessary for you when you will ride beach cruiser during after a rain storm and to save the movement of tires from water.

Finally, people those are five feet two inches from six feet two inches should ride a beach cruiser of 26 inch. You can measure your pants inseam to know whether the size of bike is right for you. If your pants inseam is between 26 inches to 35 inches, then 26 inch beach cruiser will be comfortable for you. I will suggest you to use 24 inch bicycle that have a frame of 17 inches or smaller.